DirecTV Commercial

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This DirecTV commercial begins with a man, sitting in bed reading a book, when his marionette wife comes in asking if he still thinks she's pretty. She asks him this because he mentioned that with DirecTV, he doesn't have to look at those ugly wires anymore. But the man reassures his marionette wife that it's the cable wires, not her wires, that are ugly.  
"DirecTV Marionettes Pretty"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Do you still think I'm pretty? 
Of course I do. What's this about? 
Since we got DirecTV, all you talk about is how we can put TVs anywhere without having to look at those ugly wires.  
No, baby, I meant the cable wires, not you. 
OK then. So you like what you see? 
Yeah I do. 
Like it? 
How 'bout that? 
Yeah, that's sorta jazzy. 
Now you don't need to see cable wires and boxes in every room. Call 1-800-DIRECTV

Written Text

Package Offers Starting At $24.99 mo. 
For 12 Months  
24-Mo. Agm't Req'd. 

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