Meet Theodora & Alexandra Richards and hear these rock-and-roll sisters talk all things true style. 
"Theodora & Alexandra | Banana Republic"

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I love that Alexandra, she can come out of the room and everything is put together and in such a way that it's effortless and it's not matchy matchy, it's just...perfection. 
I love that. 
Theodora walks into a room and it's like you have all different kind of patterned shirts with, like, leopard pants and like, really cool suede boots or something. She just kind of like brings a little bit of light into the room. She's pretty vibrant. She's always been like that. 
Yeah, I don't want to be the peacock, just maybe a dove. 
(Lyrics) 'Cause I hope 
We will never have to take back 
What we said in the night 
I hope that I will always have 
All eyes on you 
Know that I will take what I can 
When you are there standing by 
Soft, spoken in the dead of night 
All eyes on you 
I hope 
We will never have to take back

Written Text

Alexandra & Theodora Richards 
Banana Republic 
Est. 1978 | San Francisco

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