'Catfish: The TV Show' dives deep into a world where anything is possible and no one is who they seem. Season 3 premieres Wednesday, May 7 at 10/9c. 
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It's lights, camera, action on season 1. Three. Three! Oh my God.  
She asks you to buy things for her? $6,000? 
Um, yeah. 
Have you seen a photograph? 
Just a voice. 
Do you really think he's working with Kanye West? 
I love her. 
Sounds like she's torturing you. 
This girl is instafamous.  
He's married? 
So, the joke's on me, huh? 
She would be like, 10:00 tonight I'm gonna post another nude. 
OK, wait... 
Are you ready to deal with bad news? 
This is the kind of scum that gives the internet a bad name.  
Is that his brother? That's just like, gross. 
Go over there. 
Was the plan to give her cancer and kill her? Who's funeral was that? 
For real, three years? That's f***ed up! 
Why? Why? 
I fell in love with somebody that, that's just evil.  
You're not the only one. 
(Lyrics) Just another one of those nights I needed 
I'm gonna ride 
Baby's gotta give me a little loving 
Show me there is nothing left for overcoming 
I'm gonna rock this out 
I'm gonna ride this out

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season premiere 
Wed May 7 

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