There's an energy in the air now that AT&T U-verse can be enjoyed virtually anywhere on a mobile device. Some watch U-verse while on their commute, others while standing in line. Some just take a break to enjoy the day while catching up on their favorite shows. U-verse adds new meaning to everyday life by letting you take TV on the go. 
"AT&T U-verseĀ® Live TV - Anywhere"

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With AT&T U-verse, you can watch live TV from your device virtually anywhere. Which means enjoying the long ride. Or catching the next one. It means, yeah, I've seen that. It means layovers are welcomed. And long lines not a problem. It could mean some over-the-shoulder looks. And the occasional, "How are you watching that?". It means your TV room could look like this. And this. Even this. It means AT&T U-verse goes virtually anywhere.

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AT&T U-verse Live TV 
Watch TV from virtually anywhere 
Mobilizing Your World

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