This ad for State Farm Insurance shows people watching soccer, celebrating in slow motion. As the various groups of people celebrate, walls, windows and cars get damaged in the process. The question is asked, "Who cares about your wall/window/car?" and the answer is State Farm. State Farm wants you to watch and enjoy the world's best soccer worry free. 
"State FarmĀ® - #WORRYFREE Celebrations"

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(Lyrics) People ask me why I never find a place to stop and settle down, down, down 
We were born, born to be alive 
Yes we were born, born we were born 
Born to be alive 
Born to be alive 
Feels good to be alive, to be alive, to be alive 
Born to be alive 
Born to be alive

Written Text

Who Cares About Your Wall? 
Who Cares About Your Window? 
Who Cares About Your Car? 
We Do. 
Enjoy The Best Soccer In The World #WorryFree 
State Farm 
Auto Home Life Bank 

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