A group of people are seated at a table with four bowls of mystery flavors of Doritos new Doritos Jacked Mystery Flavors. Each person tries to guess what the flavors might possibly be. "Doritos® Can You Guess Our Mystery Flavors?"

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A hint of there. Like a cheesy wasabi almost. An enchilada red sauce? A lot of that? I taste chiles, definitely. Hickory smoked, like it's been barbecued. That's what it is! Ranch chicken. Some kind of salsa, or something like that.

Written Text

Doritos Jacked Bold Flavor Experiment Question #1: Can You Guess Our Mystery Flavors? Maybe. Maybe not. Getting warmer. Or colder. Definitely wrong or right. Sounds delicious, but... You seem pretty sure. Say what? Join The Bold Flavor Experiment

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