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A man sits on his couch asking a lot of "what ifs" while waiting on his wife to come back with a pregnancy test.  
"What If — Cartwheel | Target Commercial"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

What if he breaks his arm? Or what if he wants a fish, or a dog, or an iguana? What if that iguana breaks his arm? What if he wants to study abroad, or if he needs braces. Or she. What if they both need braces? What if there's more than one of them? What if there's six? What if we saved a little today just in case we need a little more tomorrow? Download cartwheel and save on what you want, like essentials, so you can save up for what's most essential to you.

Written Text

download cartwheel 
save more on the things you love most 
download at

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