"Southern Comfort | Young Gun | Whatever's Comfortable"

A man walks into a crowded bar (no, this is not the beginning of a joke). He steps behind the bar counter and grabs the soda guns, one in each hand, like a cowboy in an old Western flick. He begins to fill the glasses on the counter, quickly and with his own swagger and style. He dances and shakes his rump while filling glasses, even filling glasses that are way down on the bar, shooting streams of liquid into the air, with precision. This catches the attention of a woman, who watches the skinny bartender with awe, before he saunters back out from behind the bar.

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(Lyrics) Aahh uhh let’s go!
Press your lips to mine
And whisper I love you
Gotta have chance that lasts
To do the things we wanna do
Don’t hesitate I can’t wait, love me
You set my soul on fire
Every muscle in my body’s burning with desire
Baby kiss me do
Make me know you’re mine
Love me with desire
Oh honey this is fine
Don’t hesitate I can’t wait
Love me

Written Text

Make Mine Comfortable.
Southern Comfort
Whatever's Comfortable
Want That Drink?
Here's That Drink.

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Southern Comfort

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Southern Comfort Commercial

Southern Comfort Commercial

Southern Comfort Commercial

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