Don't buy your new mattress at Larry's Discount Mattresses, where "Larry" might suggest some ideas on how to use your new mattress. Go to Sears where you'll get discounts galore but no creepy mattress salesmen. 
"Sears Quick Chakka 4th of July"

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What do you think, hon? 
Mmm...feels amazing to me. Guys! Top of the line. Good for lounging or you know, chakka chakka. Hmm? 
No chakka chakka! 
Fall into Sears Mattress Event. With up to 60% off and up to 60 months special financing. And free delivery. Sears.

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4th of July Mattress Event 
iseries | icomfort EFX 
Get Up To 60% Off Mattresses + 10% Off With Purchase of $599 or More. 
Get An Extra 5% Or Up to 60 Months Financing 
With Sears Card On Purchase of %599 Or More 
Get Free Delivery 
With Purchase Of %599 Or More 
Shop Your Way 
Get A Goodnight's Sleep And A $200 Prepaid Visa Gift Card. 
Visit Your Local Sears Or 
Sale Ends Soon!

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