Golden baked or crispy. Some smothered with milk chocolate and some with yogurty topping. There's a go ahead! to suit any time and any place. Why not discover the range? A woman is sitting at her desk in her office while enjoying a fruity and delicious go ahead! snack. As she takes a bite, her office space is transformed into a stage with two women in red dresses appearing on either side of her. As the office backdrop is pulled away, the woman is suspended high in the air, while the world below her turns in to a party. Dancers, a band, office equipment that has turned into robots.  
"go ahead! fruity & delicious - new TV ad"

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Fruity and delicious. Go ahead! The most important snack of the day.  
(Lyrics) Everybody  
Rock your body 

Written Text

The Most Important Snack Of The Day 
57 calories 
go ahead! 
crispy slices

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