In this commercial for the Apple iPhone 5s, various parents are using their iPhones to help them with just a few of the issues that comes with the territory of being a parent. A tired mother flops down in bed. She takes a quick look at her iPhone which shows her video from a camera in the baby's room. Her precious baby is standing in the crib, screaming. A father uses an app on his iPhone to help show his two children the proper way to brush their teeth. A family is at a restaurant. The children are coloring with crayons, and the iPhone is used to make a roaring lion's face, in the middle of the paper, which has just a colored picture of a lion's head. A family is on the search for their runaway dog. The iPhone is used to locate the dog's whereabouts and the family is quickly reunited with their pet. A mother uses her iPhone to face time with her son, where they practice math flash cards together, from a distance. A father and his son are at the beach, where they take video of a hermit crab on the shore, before a wave comes crashing in getting them wet. A mother takes her sick daughter's temperature, and a man holding a sleeping baby, uses his iPhone to turn off the lights in the living room. A mother pushes a stroller with twins inside, up a large hilly trail, checking her iPhone to see how far she has run. A father shows his daughter information about the plants they've just put in their garden, when a younger son surprises them with a squirt from the garden hose. Lastly, a father uses his iPhone as a flashlight to check under the bed for monsters before it's time for sleep.  
"Apple - iPhone 5s - TV Ad - Parenthood"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

It's right up here. Turn right. Turn right. Right, right, right, right! 
OK guys, look, she's right up here somewhere. There she is! 
I don't know that one. 
Yes you do. 
Good job. 
There's no monsters down here. It's just Mr. Elephant. Come on, let's get to bed. 
(Lyrics) I'm living the life of dreams 
I'm living the life of dreams 
With good people all around me 
I'm living the life of dreams 
I'm feeling hopefully 
Feeling quite hopefully 
With good people all around me 
I'm feeling hopefully 
And the light shines bright all through the night 
And our dreams are making us nice stories 
And our loves are well, sleeping just right 
And I know know know know now 
That we're living a life of dreams, dreams, dreams, dreams, dreams

Written Text

You're more powerful than you think 
iPhone 5s

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