"Coca-Cola - Share a Coke This Summer (Extended Version)" 
This ad centers around a young girl who goes into a convenience store to buy a bottle of Coke. The bottles all have names on them, so she chooses her name and the name of a friend. She gives the boy running the cash register a flirty smile before she leaves and then finds her friend and gives her the Coca-Cola with her name on it. The girl comes back in with her friend, and they buy even more bottles with their other friends on them and go out and have more fun skateboarding, biking, having a car wash, playing soccer, having a BBQ, swimming, and more. At the end, the girl returns to the store one more time and gives a Coke with the boy's name on it, and the leave together holding hands. Then an even bigger party starts...

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Hey, think of all that we could do 
If we started with a me and you 
And I'll keep coming back around 
Hey, some things were meant to be explained 
Summer's calling off a thousand names 
And I keep coming back around 
And I'll keep coming back around 
Outside the summer's calling 
These are the days without a care 
And when the night is falling 
These are the moments meant to share some with 
Wait a while and then you'll see 
It all started with a-you and me 
Oh wait and you'll see 
I'll keep coming back around 
I keep coming back around

Written Text

Share a Coke with 
Alisha, Ana, Anna, Chris, Jess, Jill, Kayla, Maria, Rick, Tyler 
Open Happiness 

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