Billy Eichner gave some lucky ladies the chance to go on a virtual date with Josh Duhamel. But first, they had to pick the 4G LTE network they'd trust to stay connected on their romantic day at the pier. #DreamDate 
"Dream Date With Josh Duhamel | Verizon Wireless | #DreamDate"

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Miss, do you want to go on a virtual date with Josh Duhamel? 
Oh, of course! 
And what wouldn't every lady in America like to do with Josh Duhamel? 
Well, excuse me, keep it clean, sister! 
Which one of these 4G LTE networks would you trust not to interrupt your virtual date with Josh Duhamel. 
I would trust Verizon. 
Yes! Good choice! 
I love it, man! What do we wanna do? 
Bye, Todd! 
Yeah, I was, I can't think of anything more romantic than a bicycle made for two. 
Are you sure I can trust you on this bike? 
I'm about 95% sure. 
All right. 
Excuse me. 
Hey Lea, how're you doing? 
I'm sorry.  
Yeah, this is fun. 
Oh my God, you're really good! 
Wanna taste mine? 
I hope you don't mind if I take my shoes and socks off. 
No, I love to see a man's feet. 
It's beautiful out tonight, isn't it? 
Do you like it? 
I love it. 
Oh, man up. 
Check it out. 
There it is. Oh, there it is. 
Oh, that, uh...give it a little more. 
Yeah. Yeah. I'm usually a lot better than this. 
I'm gonna give you a couple pushes. 
OK. Not too high, now. 
This is one of those days I just wish would never end, Ineldia. 
Oh, thank you. 
OK, one, two, three! 
We did it! 
So, what do you guys wanna do next? 
One, two, three. We got it.  
Come on, Todd, hey. Come here. It was nice to meet you. 
Here we go. 
For best results, use Verizon. Come on, Josh! 
(Lyrics) I was lying on the grass 
On Sunday morning of last week 
Indulging in my self-defeat 
My mind was thugged, all laced and bugged 
All twisted wrong and beat 
A comfortable in three feet deep 
I know it's up for me 
(If you steal my sunshine) 
Making sure I'm not in too deep 
(If you steal my sunshine) 
Keeping versed and on my feet 
(If you steal my sunshine) 
I know it's done for me 
(If you steal my sunshine) 
Not as some and hard to see 
(If you steal my sunshine) 
Keeping dumb and built to beat 
(If you steal my sunshine) 
My sunshine 
If you steal my sunshine 
My sunshine

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