The French Revolution was led by the people. They stood together and faught the oppression. This year, and for the 1st time in the Assassin's Creed® franchise, team up with friends to fight and destroy the symbols of oppression. THE online co-op mode you've been waiting for! 
"Assassin's Creed Unity E3 2014 World Premiere Cinematic Trailer [UK]"

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(Lyrics) Welcome to your life 
There’s no turning back 
Even while we sleep 
We will find you 
Acting on your best behavior 
Turn your back on Mother Nature 
Everybody wants to rule the world 
Help me to decide 
Help me make the most of freedom 
And of pleasure 
Nothing ever lasts forever 
Everybody wants to rule the world 
There’s a room where the light won’t find you 
Holding hands while the walls come tumbling down 
When they do, I’ll be right behind you 
So glad we’ve almost made it 
So sad we had to fade it 
Everybody wants to rule the world 
There's a room where the light won't find you 
When they do I'll be right behind you 
Everybody wants to rule the world

Written Text

Assassin's Creed Unity 
28th October

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