Published on Jul 2, 2014 
It all comes down to this: the fourth and final season of the critically acclaimed crime thriller is a six-episode Netflix original that wraps up loose ends and reveals long-buried secrets.  
Detectives Linden and Holder return to investigate both a gruesome mass slaying that exposes a dark family history, as well as a mysterious disappearance within the ranks of their own Seattle Police Department.  
"The Killing - The Final Season - Official Trailer - Netflix [HD]"

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Just gotta keep our story straight, Linden. No one's gonna find out. No one's gotta know what we did. You got rid of the gun, right? And the shell casings?  
I will. 
You do it tonight.  
Get a few hours of shuteye and then we go in.  
Just worry about what we gotta do right now. That's all you gotta think about, Linden.  
Got a new case. Killed the family, turned the gun on himself. It's a bloodbath.  
It isn't Kyle. He isn't capable of violence.  
I would never hurt them, or anyone. I'm not a monster.  
They're never gonna find those girls. No one's ever gonna know they're in that lake but us.  
There's gotta be some other way.  
You wanna go to prison? Is that it? I ain't going to prison.  
You gotta keep it together.  
You know where he is! 
She knows that I'm lying.  
You don't have to be afraid anymore.

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