This is Frank, file-o-phile. He stores everything he needs in alphabetically ordered files. Too bad he doesn't know about technology. With Express LaneĀ® from Esurance, we can autofill your driving info and help you get a quote faster than ever. 
"Frank: File-o-phile"

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This whole storing and finding things on a computer makes no sense to me. Every piece of information I'll ever need is right here - in precise alphabetical order.  
I already found it. Night, Frank.  
Oh yeah. I found it too.  
Don't file it, Frank. 
With Express Lane from esurance, just one click can auto-fill your driving info and help you get a quote faster than ever. Welcome to the modern world. Esurance. Backed by Allstate. Click or call.

Written Text

With Express Lane we can look up your info fast. 
Yes, please look up my info! 
We found your vehicles! 
2012 Chevrolet CRUZE 
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