At the end of most of life's quest for meaning and fulfillment, you will find a Dodge Charger with a HEMIĀ® V8. In this commercial, a Dodge Charger sits on an empty street, waiting at a red light. The announcer says that horsepower is like money in that it won't make you happy. But wait, he's wrong. Horsepower WILL make you happy. The light turns green and the Charger shows off just what some horsepower can do. 
"Dodge Charger | Money"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Horsepower is like money. It won't make you happy. Wait, no. Yes it will.  
(Lyrics) Oh, yeah 
Kickstart my heart  
Give it a start 
Oh, yeah 

Written Text

Hemi V8 
Up To 470HP 
Born Dodge

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