Always prepared to drop everything when the time is right, we make time for the adventures that come with the changing seasons. From golden Indian summer sets and brisk autumn road trips, to riding the white waves that winter brings to the mountains, we are always chasing the epic moments we'll remember forever. While the end of the year is filled with reflective evenings, spring brings new life to our morning rituals. In the warm seasons of dawn patrol, every bright sunrise is inspiration for the perfect day. For us, the best times are ones that feel lived in and we have the stories to prove it. #LovingLost 
"Loving Lost in Venice"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

(Lyrics) Hang on for the ride 
I think I feel a change of tides 
Just stay for one more night 
One day you're gonna be my wife 
You'll never have to worry again 
I'm gonna be your man 
Oh someday when tall boys turn into champagne 
When bologna turns into stake 
When I got gold instead of change 
When I can give everything you ever wanted instead of take 
Oh someday

Written Text

artist: The Growlers 
song: Someday

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