This is a commercial for the 2014 television series 'The Mysteries of Laura' starring Debra Messing, Josh Lucas, Laz Alonso, Janina Gavankar and Max Jenkins. 
"The Mysteries of Laura NBC Official Trailer [HD] | THE MYSTERIES OF LAURA"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

He's heading towards the river! 
Don't worry. I've got eyes on him. I'm taking him down. NYPD! 
Don't be stupid, lady. 
Excuse me, it's detective. I'm a little Type-A and I practice all the time with this thing. I'm gonna count to three. One, two... 
Bite me, bitch! Aaaahhh! 
911 at Newhall. 
This is a depraved, unspeakable act. Get ready to be inside for a very long time.  
Sorry mommy. 
I hope you are prepared to explain yourselves to your father. 
He is not going to be happy. 
I got a couple troublemakers, huh? Uh-oh! Uh-oh! Uh-oh! Powerball! 
A middle aged police woman! Just like on S.V.U. I love that. 
How awkward of you to say. 
We got a right-handed perp, some sort of fast release syringe cyanide booster.  
Windows and doors are all locked and sensored in every room of the house. 
Killer was already inside.  
Our tail said Brad was poolside. 
We can blend in and see what he's up to. 
Damn, where you been hiding that? 
Don't be so surprised. 
There we go. Grand theft and receipt of stolen goods. 
Twenty-five hundred. Good for 10 years worth of mac-n-cheese, but not exactly enough to kill a guy. 
I'm with lawyer boy over here. This guy's on some bootleg Steven Seagal stuff right now. 
He's a lefty, which the killer was not. 
There's no way that's our murder weapon. Dee-Dee's innocent. 
Laura, I know you had a sisterhood moment with her, but why do you believe her? 
Gut feeling. 
Hey look, I gotta skip hanging out with the boys tonight. 
Skip? This is parenting, Jake, not pilates. 
Oh my God! 
Don't mess with me, I will hurt you. 
The person who did kill Eric Walden committed a nearly perfect crime. My boss.  
To hell with you! 
Put your gun down, Louie. 
You put it down first! 
I'm gonna count to three. One, two, three. 
She took your bullets, jackass. 
I can't believe I'm saying this, but I think I need a nanny. 
Oh, guest list only and you're definitely not on the list.  
Am I on the list now, Gaga? 
Hit it, Poker Face. 
(Lyrics) Well she's all you'd ever want 
She's the kind I'd like to flaunt and take to dinner 
But she always knows her place 
She's got style she's got grace 
She's a winner 
She's a lady 
Whoa-oh-oh She's a lady 
She's a lady

Written Text

Meet Laura Diamond 
Single Mom 
Homicide Detective 
The Suspects 
The Brother 
The Lawyer 
The Wife 
From Executive Producers 
Greg Berlanti & McG 
Debra Messing 
The Mysteries of Laura 
Wednesdays This Fall 

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