Taco Bell brought back some old friends to see what they think of our all new grilled breakfast burrito, and breakfast burritos in general. It was an enlightening experience that none of us will soon forget. 
"Guess Who Came Back to Breakfast? | 2014 Taco BellĀ® Grilled Breakfast Burrito Commercial"

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How're you doing, Ronald? 
Taco Bell brought back some old friends... 
It's so good to be back. check out our new breakfast burrito. 
This is legit. 
It's grilled. 
It's even pretty. 
We just say it's good down in Louisiana. 
Would you get a burrito from a burger place? 
You don't go to a sushi bar and order spaghetti. 
Good point, Ronald. Stick with the people who know burritos. Taco Bell's new Grilled Breakfast Burritos. Bacon, sausage or potato for $1.29 each.

Written Text

Taco Bell 
Ronald McDonald 
Ronald McDonald 
Akron, OH 
Ronald McDonald 
Sevierville, TN 
Ronald McDonald 
Worcester, MA 
Ronald McDonald 
Kane, PA 
Ronald McDonald 
Bossier City, LA 
$1.29 Grilled Breakfast Burritos 
Open 7AM or Earlier 
Wake Up 
Live Mas

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