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United Methodist Church Commercial (2009 - 2010)

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United Methodist Church Commercial

Fall/Winter 2009
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Plot / Description

UMC "Rethinking Church" 
The commercial is a montage of various photos or short film clips with James Earl Jones narrating in the background. it starts with a sun rising over a mountain; a man in a small boat; children standing in a circle with teepees/tents in the background; someone writing on a blackboard; a boy sitting in a school desk with multiplication tables behind him; church pews with Bibles; a busy highway; a city skyline; huge (at least 20 ft tall) church doors; an Asian choir; men carrying a large box; a large group of people making lots of sandwiches; two men shaking hands and children, tents, and shacks behind them; more children in a classroom, children playing basketball and ping pong; children getting off a school bus; children doing aerobics; women carrying jars/containers on their heads; a woman in a gym; a family standing in front of an SUV; a man standing in front of a dark rainy window; children holding hands; several men helping to push a truck stuck in the sand; someone using a circular saw and painting on a hurricane (Katrina?) relief project; a bus with people and property on top; a group of children singing; men pulling rocks out of a huge, deep hold with a bucket and pulley (possibly making a well); a woman and child sitting behind mosquito netting; a couple each holding a child and holding hands walking on a beach; a woman (by herself) sitting in church; a woman (in a congregation) praying in church; a group of men helping to build a house; a group of people praying in a circle; who people in silhouette playing basketball; people handing out food and relief supplies; people filling sandbags (helping for floods); a sad? woman in front of a window while it is snowing; a man throwing a fishing net into the ocean; a man sitting in front of numerous large masks; people dancing; a large group of children sitting on steps; a woman coming out of her house to go jogging; a city skyline with a bridge over a river; a man shaking hands with children in blue uniforms on a sports (soccer/football?) team;


Narrated by James Earl Jones 
What if we re-think church? What if church was less about Sunday, and more about the other days of the week? What if church wasn't just a place we go, but something we do? A menu of adventure, and active verb instead of a noun. What if church wasn't just a building, but thousands of doors, each of them opening up to a different concept, or experience of church, so that whoever knocks might find a journey to call their own. What if church was the way church was in the beginning? Outbound, unbound, active. Human beings from completely different worlds united by common purpose, experience, and belief creating real solutions for their daily lives. What if church looked at itself with seekers eyes? Recognizing that even the smallest step through one of our doors is an act of courage, a moment of vulnerability. That solving a secular need can lead to spiritual interaction. That social relationships can offer opportunities for discussions of aid(?) and provide inspiration for discovery. And that for a skeptical world, actions often to speak louder than words. What if church was more of an out-of-church experience. An opportunity to prove what we say we believe with our lives. Then perhaps Sunday could be a day of rest and reflection on all that we accomplished Monday through Saturday. What if we re-think church not in terms of what it is, but what it could be? And what if we can convince the world to do the same? Together we can open hearts, open minds, and open doors. The people of the United Methodist Church.

Written Text

Hurrican Relief Trip 
R&R ??? Service ??? Nashville to (God is Real) (Pray) 
The United Methodist Church UMCOR General Board of Global Ministries 
Igreja Metodista Unida Cent?????cial Alecria Po??ca 
Open hearts. Open minds. Open doors. 
The people of the United Methodist Church