Meet the Chromebook family. With everything a student needs built-in. From $199. For everyone.  
"Chromebook: For Students"

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(Lyrics) Let's Go! 
I met you at the corner of ? and Main 
It's right down the road just before the lane 
The joint is jumpin and the band is tight 
We're havin' a ball we could stay all night 
So come on, come on, come on 
Come on, come on, come on 
Let's go!

Written Text

Meet The Chromebook Family 
With Everything Built-In 
Blazing Fast Boot Ups 
For Everyone 
Anti-Virus Protection 
For Everyone 
Docs That Save Themselves 
For Everyone 
Endless Hangouts  
For Everyone 
Light And Ready To Go 
For Everyone 
Everything A Student Needs In A Laptop 
From $199 
For Everyone 

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