As one of the most popular groups to emerge in the post-grunge alternative-rock aftermath, Weezer has received equal amounts of criticism and praise for their hook-heavy guitar-pop. See why thwne they head to The Chelsea at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas on Friday, August 1. Weezer live at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas 
"See Weezer August 1 in Las Vegas"

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Weezer, in concert. Friday, August 1st live at the Mophie stage at the Chelsea at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. Weezer, live. Tickets on sale now at Friday, August 1st. Weezer 
(Lyrics) Ooh-ee-ooh I look just like Buddy Holly 
(Lyrics) Go, if you're wondering if I want you to 
(Lyrics) I've got my hash pipe 
I've got my hash pipe 
(Lyrics) Say it ain't so 
(Lyrics) I've come undone

Written Text

Weezer In Concert 
Friday August 1 
The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas 
Tickets On Sale Now 
The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas 
A Unique Luxury Resort & Casino

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