Shows a parade with a Patriots football (painted faces, jerseys, cheerleaders) and American revolution-style theme (red, white, and blue, old style costumes, canons, etc.). It then shows a man riding a horse through the crowd, and a patriot hiking a football. The man on the horse catches the ball. Muskets and canons are fired, and the man on the horse rides through the smoke with the football. It then shows people going into store and buying football-related products with their Visa debit card. There are clips of the New England Patriots playing the Buffalo Bills.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

(Morgan Freeman narrating) 
We don't do this, or this, or this for just any old sport. No, we only do this for football. And Visa Debit helps fans everywhere make the most of it. More people go with Visa.

Written Text

Go Football 
Visa Debit 
More people go with Visa. 
4000 1234 5678 0901

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