"Nature Valley presents: Field Trip" 
Today, less than 10% of kids are spending time in nature. And we believe a little nature can go a long way. That's why we took the kids from the Boys & Girls Club of West Scarborough on a surprise Field Trip they will never forget. Kids who normally are stuck in an apartment in the city got to get out into the forest, hike, play in the water, hold frogs, and do other fun things in nature.

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Things that we took for granted like staying outside and playing all day until your mom calls you in - doesn't happen anymore - especially in this neighborhood. That's why today is so special. For our kids, this will be something that they've never experienced. 
Hey, guess what guys. We're not sticking around the club today. We're going on a field trip. 
We're going to go and do some pretty fun and exciting stuff. Let's get started. Come on. 
All kids benefit from a connection with nature. It's just an amazing thing when you consider curiousity just opened up. A little nature can definitely go a long way. Kids just get the freedom to run and play with no rules. 
open up your arms  
and feel the sunlight on your skin  
cross your fingers it won't leave you  
that this feeling never ends 
never looking in the rear view  
never had the time  
with the sunshine in your hair  
and your lover in your eyes 
you're the stars up in the night sky  
oh, oh, oh  
we went running through waves  
and you asked me for a sign  
I said my love is like an ocean  
and it sounded like a line 
make our way around the world  
reaching every port of call  
smiling like a river  
spilling over every wall  
you're the stars up in the night sky  
oh, oh, oh

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Fewer than 1 in 10 kids spend time in nature 
Boys & Girls Club, West Scarborough 
Josh Hood, Boys & Girls Club of Canada 
Nature Valley Presents: Field Trip 
Heather Carscadden, Kortright Centre for Conservation 
A little nature goes a long way. 
It's time to rediscover it. 
Nature Valley 
Rediscover the joy of nature 
Find inspiration at or Share the joy of nature

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