It's back. And this time the whole family's in the mix. Check out a sneak peek of the new 2015 Sienna #SwaggerWagon. 
"The New 2015 Sienna Swagger Wagon | Making Of…"

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This track is about these streets. And these streets in this gated community have rules. And if you break those rules, watch your back, 'cause boom! Time out. No Wifi privileges. The most baller thing one can do is raising a family in this economy, to be honest. So put that honesty in the track, just find the pain and you spit that fire. You know about spittin' truth.  
Super swagger robot, right here.  
You've always been that way, from when you were a baby. 
My little robot baby. 
This one is gonna be huge. 
This music is pure swagger.  
Turn that bass up a little bit. We're gonna get like a million followers on Facebook. If I was old enough to get a Facebook. 
Which you're not. 
You're not. And when you are, you're gonna give me the password.  
That's right. And we're gonna be your friends. 
Yeah. You know what I love? Country music. I just prefer it. Could we bring some spoons in? Do you have spoons playing? I like the spoons, it gives it more of that like, sort of country feel honestly. 
No country, Uncle Pete. Not at all. 
No spoons. 
You guys, come on. 
No spoons, no banjo, no jug band. None of that.  
Play that beat, Uncle Pete. Y'all ready? 
Swag-wag-wag-wag-wagger wagon. Swagger wagon. Swagger wagon. 
That felt really good. 
Nice, Pete! 
Aw, man. I might really try to be a sound engineer now, you know?

Written Text

Swagger Wagon 
Returns 8.1.14 
Let's Go Places

Pop Culture Connections - Outgoing

What Television Commercials are referenced by this Television Commercial?

It refers to...
Swagger Wagon and Toyota Sienna SE Commercial

Swagger Wagon and Toyota Sienna SE Commercial

Dates: - September 2010
This Television Commercial is referred to by Toyota Sienna Commercial
Original Swagger Wagen ad/song.

Pop Culture Connections - Incoming

What Television Commercials reference this Television Commercial?

It is referred to by...
Toyota Sienna Commercial

Toyota Sienna Commercial

Dates: - November 2014
This Television Commercial refers to Toyota Sienna Commercial

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