This is a commercial for the NBC morning news and entertainment program, 'Today'. 
"Today: Modern Dads"

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My dad's a dad, just an average guy. He hugs me tight and throws me high. With average shoes and average hair, but when I need him most, that's when he's there. Hmmm...maybe he's not so average, I have to say. Join us for average dads aren't average on Today. Brought to you by Dove Men + Care. Celebrating the many ways dads care.  
(Lyrics) Tell you one thing, we're better together

Written Text

My Dad's A Dad, Just An Average Guy. 
He Hugs Me Tight 
Throws Me High 
With Average Shoes 
Average Hair 
When I Need Him Most 
That's When He's There 
Modern Dads 
All This Week 
Men + Care

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