On Earth, a fire at camp destroying a large portion of the food supply, the group sends out parties to hunt. Clarke, Finn, and a young kid named Miles go out as one party. Clarke and Finn are captured by Anya and brought to the grounder camp. Clarke is instructed to save a victim of the bridge bomb blast, the sister of Anya. As Clarke struggles to save her, she is unsuccessful. Finn is taken away to be executed. Clarke escapes by killing her guard, and runs. Bellamy, Raven, Octavia, and Monty search for the missing party. In the woods, Octavia and Raven discover Miles hurt. Monty however mysteriously disappears after hearing a strange signal on their hand radios. On the Ark, Kane awakens to a devastated Ark. He searches for survivors and realizes someone is alive in Earth Monitoring (the central control of the Ark). He makes contact with Jaha who is still alive there and trying to bring systems online. As they estimate the damage, with over half the ark populace likely dead, they discover that there are survivors in an access bay to the Exodus ship bay. Kane braves a roasting maintenance tunnel to reach the survivors, which include Abby.

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The 100 Season 1

# Title Air Date
The 100
1:1 Pilot Mar 19, 2014
1:2 Earth Skills Mar 26, 2014
1:3 Earth Kills Apr 2, 2014
1:4 Murphy's Law Apr 9, 2014
1:5 Twilight's Last Gleaming Apr 16, 2014
1:6 His Sister's Keeper Apr 23, 2014
1:7 Contents Under Pressure Apr 30, 2014
1:8 Day Trip May 7, 2014
1:9 Unity Day May 14, 2014
1:10 I Am Become Death May 21, 2014
1:11 The Calm May 28, 2014
1:12 We Are Grounders, Part 1 Jun 4, 2014
1:13 We Are Grounders, Part 2 Jun 11, 2014