Raven successfully reaches the ground, but is knocked out by the impact. Bellamy reaches the pod first and removes the radio, throwing it in a nearby river. Clarke and Finn reach the pod next, and help Raven. They catch up with Bellamy, informing him of the plan to cull 300 people, and that although he shot Jaha, Jaha remains alive. With a new found purpose, Bellamy helps locate the radio. When Raven notes she can't repair it in time, they come up with a plan to fire specially designed "flare" rockets from pod parts that the Ark will see. On the Ark, the approved plan calls for sealing off one section and putting the residents to sleep. Jaha intends to join the section. Abigail desperately searches for another way, finally revealing to the Ark population the video her husband recorded. This causes some residents to volunteer for the culling, enough to fulfill the needs of the culling plan. Jaha still intends to volunteer but is convinced to stay by Kane. After the culling, Abigail and Jaha sit in Abigail's cell and ponder recent events. They watch in surprise as the "flare" rockets appear in the viewport above the cell. Meanwhile, Octavia is captured by Grounders.

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