Clarke decides to take her bracelet off to get back at her mom for killing her dad and gives it to Monty. Monty announces he can use it to contact the Ark. Octavia attempts to get Jasper to go outside the wall and a prank is played, leading to the discovery of Murphy's knife with 2 fingers, which are Wells'. Clarke decides to publicly blame it on Murphy, inciting a mob that wishes to see Murphy hanged. However, Charlotte confesses she killed Wells and Murphy is saved. Later, Murphy leads a revolt to find Charlotte, but she escapes with Clarke and Finn to a secret nuclear fallout shelter Finn had found. Charlotte soon escapes, however and screams so Murphy can find her. Bellamy tries to get her away, but they hit a dead-end cliff. In the resulting confrontation, Charlotte commits suicide and Bellamy banishes Murphy. At camp, Monty attempts communication, but terminates all wristbands. Finn runs to the shelter in frustration, but he and Clarke reconcile and become lovers. On the Ark, Abigail and Raven go to many lengths to acquire a pressure regulator, but Kane finds out and has Abby arrested. Raven launches off the Ark and prepares to enter the atmosphere.

Other Connections and Related Pop Culture

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1:2 Earth Skills Mar 26, 2014
1:3 Earth Kills Apr 2, 2014
1:4 Murphy's Law Apr 9, 2014
1:5 Twilight's Last Gleaming Apr 16, 2014
1:6 His Sister's Keeper Apr 23, 2014
1:7 Contents Under Pressure Apr 30, 2014
1:8 Day Trip May 7, 2014
1:9 Unity Day May 14, 2014
1:10 I Am Become Death May 21, 2014
1:11 The Calm May 28, 2014
1:12 We Are Grounders, Part 1 Jun 4, 2014
1:13 We Are Grounders, Part 2 Jun 11, 2014