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Bruce and Emma finally move into Emma's flat in Stockholm and Bruce must get used to the Swedish cultural differences. The couple does not get the reaction they expected from the Swedish Immigration officials when applying for Bruce's residency. Meanwhile, Bruce's belongings arrive from the States, causing more tension in their relationship. 
Guest star: Aubrey Plaza 
(U.S. Air Date July 24, 2014)

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Welcome to Sweden Season 1

# Title Air Date
Welcome to Sweden
1:3 Lagenhet/Proving Love Apr 5, 2014
1:4 Farthinder/Get a Job Apr 11, 2014
1:5 Vanner/Fitting In Apr 18, 2014
1:1 Valkommen/Day One Apr 21, 2014
1:6 Foraldrar/Parents Apr 25, 2014
1:2 Spraket/Learn the Language Apr 28, 2014
1:7 Lagom/Homesick May 2, 2014
1:8 Episode 1:8 May 7, 2014
1:9 Episode 1:9 May 14, 2014
1:10 Episode 1:10 May 14, 2014

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