Bonnie tells Joe that she is tired of being married to a handicapped person so he decides to get a leg transplant. Excited about his new ability to walk, Joe dives head first into extreme sports and begins to hang around more active friends. Meanwhile, Peter and the guys are upset at how Joe is acting and decide to teach him a lesson. In doing so, they re-cripple him and he is back to normal.

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Family Guy Season 6

# Title Air Date
Family Guy
6:1 Blue Harvest Sep 23, 2007
6:2 Movin' Out Sep 30, 2007
6:3 Believe It or Not, Joe's Walking on Air Oct 7, 2007
6:4 Stewie Kills Lois Nov 4, 2007
6:5 Lois Kills Stewie Nov 11, 2007
6:6 Padre de Familia Nov 18, 2007
6:7 Peter's Daughter Nov 25, 2007
6:8 McStroke Jan 13, 2008
6:9 Back to the Woods Feb 17, 2008
6:10 Play It Again Brian Mar 2, 2008
6:11 The Former Life of Brian Apr 27, 2008
6:12 Long John Peter May 4, 2008

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