Ethan has his first nightmare, which puzzles John. Ethan tells Molly that she was in danger in his dream. John gives Molly a small patch of fake skin that, if applied to Dr. Barton, will allow Molly to monitor Dr. Barton's conversations. Molly learns that Sparks has threatened Sam's brother. In the containment area, Molly's fetus grows while a tech goes crazy and kills a co-worker shortly after the Apollonian Gasket shape appears on his bald head. Kryger attempts to contact Molly, with Sparks and Kern discovering Kryger is alive. They are able to learn from Sam (under the threat of her brother being harmed) the place where Molly and Kryger will meet. Sparks sends Kern to intercept Kryger, but Molly is able to secretly change the rendezvous point. Kryger shows Molly stolen video from the Aruna ISEA mission, in which Katie Sparks is seen amidst a panic-stricken crew, stating they are doomed as a mysterious force takes over the ship. In the video, Katie urges the ISEA control team to not recover the ship. The video convinces Molly that Sparks knew what dangers she and Kryger would be facing on the Seraphim, and sent them anyway. On his way out, Kryger is knocked out and captured by Kern.

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