The fetus is removed from Molly, and is placed in a special chamber for study. John and Julie try to recover Ethan's memory, which appears to have been lost when he was deactivated. Molly tries to convince John that she really was pregnant, though she is no longer. When they go to Dr. Barton, she claims she never performed any tests on Molly and suggests she is suffering from delusions. Molly convinces Sparks that the best thing for her is to return to work. Sparks agrees, but informs Molly that she will be under close scrutiny. While in her work space, Molly intentionally obscures the audio feed to Sparks. She converses with a co-worker, who reveals a filter he created to decode a mysterious energy field on the Seraphim that appeared during Kryger's hallucinations. He applies the filter to the video feed from Molly's mission, and the energy field is there when she saw Marcus. Molly shows the recording to John, who now sees the truth about her pregnancy and realizes that the baby is not theirs. After an aborted attempt by John to revive Ethan too soon, Julie and Charlie are able to restore Ethan to his old self.

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Extant Season 1

# Title Air Date
1:1 Re-Entry Jul 9, 2014
1:2 Extinct Jul 16, 2014
1:3 Wish you Were Here Jul 23, 2014
1:4 Shelter Jul 30, 2014
1:5 What on Earth is Wrong? Aug 6, 2014
1:6 Nightmares Aug 13, 2014
1:7 More in Heaven and Earth Aug 20, 2014
1:8 Incursion Aug 20, 2014
1:9 Care and Feeding Aug 27, 2014
1:10 A Pack of Cards Aug 27, 2014