Molly and John escape to Molly's dad's house, which is on an island off of the mainland. There they decide to perform a DNA test and ask Molly's dad, Quinn, to take Ethan out to town for the night while they do so. Meanwhile Barton is in the interrogation room. She asks the guard if she can go to the bathroom and attempts to destroy a sample of Molly's blood, but is caught by Sparks. Sparks then threatens her brother in order to keep her silent. Molly's Dad takes Ethan to a bar to gamble and on the way home yells at him, he gets out of the car to open his gate and when he gets back he can't find Ethan. He, Molly and John search for Ethan, and Molly's Dad gets arrested with John after John punches the Sheriff. Molly finds Ethan, who had been kidnapped and deactivated by Sparks, and is in turn kidnapped herself. She wakes up on a ship and is about to have surgery ordered by Sparks and Yasumoto.

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