Ethan starts his first day of elementary school and John and Molly try to convince a group of concerned parents that their son poses no threat. Sparks makes up a story to explain Molly's pregnancy, with the goal of getting her to come to a contained ISEA area for testing over a couple of days. Molly goes to Kryger's trailer, but finds him gone and sees a strange symbol, shaped as an Apollonian gasket, on the bedroom wall. John throws a birthday party for Molly to make up for the one she missed while in space, and Molly is surprised to see Marcus' brother Tim show up. After talking with Tim throughout the party, Molly discovers, in view of John, that she was the only one who could see him. Molly finally tells John while she was in space, the ISEA experimented on her without her consent and she's pregnant. Dr. Barton stops by the party and takes a sample of Molly's blood to test for DNA at ISEA, but is prohibited by security from entering her office to perform the test. While walking around, Barton sees an ISEA team gutting Molly's office, and calls her at home. She is told by John that Molly is on her way to ISEA with Sparks. Barton sends an urgent text to Molly, telling her to get out of Sparks' car. Molly escapes by jumping out of the car and runs into John who was tailing her. Later, Sparks and an ISEA assault team are shown storming into the Woods' home, but find it empty.

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