Returning from a thirteen-month solo mission aboard the space station Seraphim, astronaut Molly Woods tries to reconnect with her husband John and their "son" Ethan, an artificially intelligent android. Molly is shocked to learn she is pregnant despite prior infertility and claiming no sexual contact occurred during her mission; however, she recalls a mystifying encounter with a deceased friend during the mission. She asks her friend, ISEA physician Sam, to keep the pregnancy a secret, for now. John, who developed Ethan, seeks funding to continue his project from Hideki Yasumoto, Molly's employer. Director Sparks is skeptical of Molly's explanation for several hours of video files being erased from Seraphim's database. Molly is contacted by Harmon Kryger, a fellow astronaut who supposedly committed suicide and claims to know what happened during her mission.

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Extant Season 1

# Title Air Date
1:1 Re-Entry Jul 9, 2014
1:2 Extinct Jul 16, 2014
1:3 Wish you Were Here Jul 23, 2014
1:4 Shelter Jul 30, 2014
1:5 What on Earth is Wrong? Aug 6, 2014
1:6 Nightmares Aug 13, 2014
1:7 More in Heaven and Earth Aug 20, 2014
1:8 Incursion Aug 20, 2014
1:9 Care and Feeding Aug 27, 2014
1:10 A Pack of Cards Aug 27, 2014