The valley is rocked by the sudden, unprovoked murder of young police officer Kirsten McAskill. Meanwhile Ashley and Lewis panic that Tommy Lee Royce's actions will lead to their being exposed. Catherine begins having flashbacks of her dead daughter as she struggles to come to terms with Kirsten's death, and she reveals to Clare that she blames herself. Nevison's wife Helen urges him to involve the police in finding Ann, but he refuses, fearful that disobeying the kidnappers' instructions not to involve the police would further endanger Ann.

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Happy Valley Season 1

# Title Air Date
Happy Valley
1:1 Episode 1 Apr 29, 2014
1:2 Episode 2 May 6, 2014
1:3 Episode 3 May 13, 2014
1:4 Episode 4 May 20, 2014
1:5 Episode 5 May 27, 2014
1:6 Episode 6 Jun 3, 2014

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