In hospital, Catherine fights for her life following Royce's attack, while Clare and Daniel undertake a bedside vigil. When she finally pulls through, Catherine learns that Royce has escaped the police and is still at large. She falls further into her depression when she learns she has missed Kirsten's funeral and takes her anger out on Ryan when he continues to misbehave at school. Royce kills his partner in crime, Lewis, and temporary flatmate, Brett, because they both posed a threat to keeping the kidnapping under wraps from the police. Whilst being murdered, Lewis fights back, stabbing Tommy in the abdomen. Tommy assumes a disguise to remain unseen from the public in Hebden Bridge. Meanwhile, Ashley and Kevin are arrested, but Ashley is released after telling secrets to the police about a large drug smuggling trade he knew of, and his family is put into Witness Protection. Kevin, who is being raped by other prisoners, is moved to a safer prison.

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Happy Valley Season 1

# Title Air Date
Happy Valley
1:1 Episode 1 Apr 29, 2014
1:2 Episode 2 May 6, 2014
1:3 Episode 3 May 13, 2014
1:4 Episode 4 May 20, 2014
1:5 Episode 5 May 27, 2014
1:6 Episode 6 Jun 3, 2014

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