While the Boys are out stealing furniture for Julian, Lahey and Randy break into Ricky's trailer and discover a coded map of the Boys' marijuana fields. To throw Lahey off the scent, the Boys team up with J-Roc to open a brothel in Julian's trailer. The ruse is successful...until Cyrus shows up and demands a cut of the profits.

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Trailer Park Boys Season 4

# Title Air Date
Trailer Park Boys
4:1 Never Cry Shitwolf Apr 11, 2004
4:2 A Man's Gotta Eat Apr 18, 2004
4:3 Rub 'n Tiz'zug Apr 25, 2004
4:4 The Green Bastard May 2, 2004
4:5 Conky May 9, 2004
4:6 If You Love Something, Set It Free May 16, 2004
4:7 Propane, Propane May 23, 2004
4:8 Working Man May 30, 2004
4:9 Dear Santa Claus, Go Fuck Yourself / The Xmas Special Dec 12, 2004

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