Beth awakens in Grady Memorial Hospital, in the middle of Atlanta. Officer Dawn Lerner, who is in charge of the hospital, assigns her as a nurse under Dr. Steven Edwards, the hospital's remaining doctor, and she claims her officers rescued Beth from walkers the night she was separated from Daryl. Dawn enforces a policy requiring the people her fellow officers rescue to work under them before being rescued by the military, and to dispose of injured people who threaten the hospital's scarce medical resources. However, when a heavily injured man, Gavin Trevitt, is brought in Dawn insists that Edwards save him at all costs. When Dr. Stevens deems Trevitt a lost cause, Dawn retaliates by hitting Beth. Beth encounters another worker, Joan, who has been bitten and recaptured after a failed escape, and is forced to help Dawn and Edwards amputate Joan's bitten arm. Later, Beth meets Noah, a laundry worker, who explains that the officers save only weak people and that he wishes to escape to his walled community in Virginia. An officer, Gorman, begins making sexual advances towards Beth, only to be stopped by Edwards. When Beth asks Edwards why he remains in the hospital despite its bad conditions, he replies that it is still better inside than in the overrun Atlanta. He tells Beth to give Trevitt a dose of Clozapine, which causes Trevitt to seize and flatline. Dawn confronts Beth about Trevitt's death, but Noah takes the blame and is beaten by the officers as punishment. Beth becomes confused when Edwards questions her about giving the correct drug, Clonazepam. Beth and Noah formulate a plan to escape the hospital through the elevator shaft. While hunting for the elevator shaft key in Dawn's office, Beth encounters the body of Joan, who has killed herself by reopening her amputation wound, and Gorman, who tries to blackmail her into performing sexual acts. Beth complies, in order to buy time for Joan's reanimation, and then smashes Gorman's head with a glass jar before he is eaten by the zombified Joan. Beth and Noah then proceed to exit through the shaft and fight their way through walkers; although she is tackled by an officer, Beth smiles after seeing Noah has successfully escaped. Beth berates Dawn for letting things happen for nothing, and Dawn retaliates by knocking her out. Beth later confronts Edwards about deliberately using her to kill Trevitt, another doctor, who would have threatened Edwards' position in the hospital. As Beth prepares to kill Edwards in the hallway, she sees an unconscious Carol wheeled in on a stretcher.

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