While trekking through the woods, the group addresses several moments of their pasts, while Daryl senses that someone is watching them. The group encounters a priest, Father Gabriel Stokes, whom Rick immediately distrusts after Stokes claims to have never killed any walkers or people. Fr. Gabriel leads the group to his church for shelter, despite Abraham believing that it would slow down their journey to Washington. Fr. Gabriel, who had survived through canned goods from a fortuitously-timed food drive, directs Rick to a food bank which has supplies but is overrun with walkers. Rick decides to travel to the food bank anyway, with Michonne, Bob, Sasha and a reluctant Fr. Gabriel joining him. Before leaving, Rick expresses his distrust for Fr. Gabriel to Carl, and reminds him to keep his guard up. At the food bank, Rick's group dispatches several walkers in a flooded area, but Bob is caught in a scuffle with a decayed walker before it is taken out by Sasha. Rick continually pressures Fr. Gabriel to reveal what he is hiding, to no success; Carl later discovers writing on the church's exterior which reads "You'll burn for this." During a festive dinner that night, Abraham expresses the need to continue with the mission, and Rick finally agrees to participate; Tara confesses to Maggie that she was among the Governor's army, but Maggie reassures her of her position within the group. Rick thanks Fr. Gabriel for his hospitality, but also threatens him should his secret cause harm to the group. Carol, who feels uneasy with the new members of the group, decides to leave, but Daryl follows her to an abandoned car that they fixed earlier. A car speeds past, and the two follow it in their car after Daryl recognizes it as the one that took Beth. Bob, who went outside the church to weep, is captured by Gareth's small band of Terminus survivors, which includes a still-alive Martin. Upon waking up, Bob realizes that his leg has been amputated and is being eaten by Gareth's group of "hunters".

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