Nucky as a young adult is now a deputy for Atlantic City, pursuing marriage to Mabel while struggling against the disapproval and condescension of her father. Chalky discreetly seeks out Nucky to learn the location of Valentine Narcisse. Although Nucky doesn't know, he gives him a safe place to stay, knowing the law is after him. Tensions hit their peak at the Mueller household as a family dinner with Eli Thompson and a visiting June reveal that the bitter Sigrid has been having an affair with Eli, which he—being constantly drunk and prone to blackouts—can't fully remember. Feds (including Mike D'Angelo) then show up at the Mueller house and arrest both Eli and Nelson. Nucky sits down with Torrio to further discuss a new meeting with Maranzano, which Torrio sets up and plans to attend. Nucky meets for a second time with Maranzano to discuss Luciano, but notes that Torrio has not shown, when men pull up and attempt to gun them down through the restaurant storefront. Eli and Nelson are blackmailed by the feds to work with them against Al Capone by stealing his financial ledgers, or face prison and the death penalty. Having survived the murder attempt, Nucky calls Torrio, now knowing that he has been in league with Luciano and Lansky, and warns Torrio that he is coming for all of them. Chalky locates Narcisse's brothel in order to kill him, but instead finds a small girl sleeping on the couch, and his old mistress, Daughter Maitland, in his room.

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Boardwalk Empire Season 5

# Title Air Date
Boardwalk Empire
5:1 Golden Days for Boys and Girls Sep 7, 2014
5:2 The Good Listener Sep 14, 2014
5:3 What Jesus Said Sep 21, 2014
5:4 Cuanto Sep 28, 2014
5:5 King of Norway Oct 5, 2014
5:6 Devil You Know Oct 12, 2014
5:7 Friendless Child Oct 19, 2014
5:8 Eldorado Oct 26, 2014

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