Runaway convicts Chalky and Milton seek refuge in a house, but stumble across a mother and daughter living there. Milton insists they take them hostage, and accuses the mother of past wrongs and a hidden safe despite her insistence of neither of these things. In the past, Nucky as a child begins to learn how to work hard through his employment under the Commodore; while working there, he chances to meet a young Mabel, his future first wife. Margaret is brought in for questioning about her boss's suicide and Arnold Rothstein's name surfaces, in conjunction with questionable stock trading practices. Nucky goes forward with his rum dealing and attempts to persuade Boston powerhouse Joseph Kennedy of a working partnership. Luciano and Benny Siegel sit down with Chalky White's old rival, Dr. Valentin Narcisse, to coerce him into entering a protection deal. Narcisse rejects the offer, so Luciano sends him a response by having Siegel and another mobster kill some of Narcisse's men and prostitutes at his brothel. Following hours of tense confrontation and questioning of their hostages, Chalky kills Milton with a hammer to the head after Milton tries to strangle the daughter. While this occurs, the mother and daughter retrieve the dropped gun, but do not shoot Chalky, and instead order him to take the few dollars they have and get out. After a heated discussion with Rothstein's widow, who threatens to sue Margaret for the money she knows Rothstein gave her in exchange for inside stock information, Margaret goes to see Nucky.

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Boardwalk Empire Season 5

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Boardwalk Empire
5:1 Golden Days for Boys and Girls Sep 7, 2014
5:2 The Good Listener Sep 14, 2014
5:3 What Jesus Said Sep 21, 2014
5:4 Cuanto Sep 28, 2014
5:5 King of Norway Oct 5, 2014
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5:7 Friendless Child Oct 19, 2014
5:8 Eldorado Oct 26, 2014

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