Seven-year exile Eli Thompson has hit rock bottom, now a perpetual drunk and working as a debt collector for the Chicago Outfit with George Mueller, who is now one of Capone's veteran members. Mueller's life is starting to unravel as well, as the tension at home becomes evident through the strained exchanges with his wife and children. Gillian Darmody has gone completely clean during her forceful installment at a women's sanitarium, and begins planning how to get out. Eli's son Willie Thompson is now pursuing a career as a prosecutor, but with a possible ulterior motive. Nucky sits down with retired Chicago boss Johnny Torrio to discuss recent events, and Torrio arranges a meeting between Nucky and Maranzano. Luciano, Lansky, Siegel and Tonino meet to discuss their next move, with the former uneasy about Tonino based on his treacherous past. Nucky later sits down with Maranzano and Luciano, but in doing so recalls Tonino's culpability after seeing a boardwalk caricature in memory of old flame Billy Kent. After the Maranzano meeting, Nucky arranges a private meeting with Tonino, who warns him that Luciano is plotting against him. When pressed by Nucky, Tonino offers his loyalty whenever Nucky should ask. Later that evening, Lansky is rushed outside to find a dead Tonino thrown on his steps—murdered in open acknowledgement of Lansky and Luciano's murder attempt on Nucky in Havana, as well as vengeance for Tonino's part in Billy's death.

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