The year is 1931, Nucky Thompson has exiled himself with Sally Wheet in Havana, Cuba, where he is currently working on a deal with the Bacardi Rum Company. The trip takes a strange turn as Nucky coincidentally bumps into Meyer Lansky while dining, who states he's just on vacation with his wife. However, Nucky questions Lansky's presence after an attempt on his life occurs later that evening, only to be thwarted by new bodyguard Arquimedes. Back in New York, an older Luciano sets up a meeting with Joe Masseria to discuss rival gangster Salvatore Maranzano. As their discussion concludes, Luciano excuses himself to the washroom, leaving Masseria to be gunned down at the table by Bugsy Siegel and Tonino Sandrelli. Meanwhile, Chalky White is now part of a chain gang and working prison detail in the woods when a riot breaks out; amidst the chaos, Chalky is able to snag the keys from a killed guard and escapes—though temporarily confronted by the gun-toting, somewhat mentally unstable Milton. Margaret is moving up the ranks at her job in New York, but her life of independence and stability is thrown into danger after her boss commits suicide. Luciano appears before the Maranzano family and pledges loyalty to Maranzano. Through flashbacks, the early life of a young Enoch and Eli Thompson is depicted, showing their volatile upbringing and the relationship between Enoch and a young Commodore.

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Boardwalk Empire Season 5

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Boardwalk Empire
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5:3 What Jesus Said Sep 21, 2014
5:4 Cuanto Sep 28, 2014
5:5 King of Norway Oct 5, 2014
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5:7 Friendless Child Oct 19, 2014
5:8 Eldorado Oct 26, 2014

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