Kai has captured Elena and holds her as hostage in the Mystic Grill after killing the owner. He plans to practice his new found abilities on Elena to master his new magic. Meanwhile Caroline and Stefan start to look for a doctor who could cure Liz, and get to Duke. On the way Stefan goes to the art exhibition held by his niece, the true Sarah Nelson, but he is followed by Enzo. Kai brings Elena to high school and melts her daylight ring. Elena manages to escape Kai and phones Damon who comes with Liv to save her. However, Liv is abducted by her brother, Luke who comes to take her home. Needing a witch to perform a cloaking spell, Joe steps in to help Damon and they both enter the building. They manage to save Elena but Joe is becoming weaker and Kai spots them all. Meanwhile, after learning from a doctor that her mom has no treatment, Caroline decides to inject her blood to another cancer patient. The aftermath is a well-looking person who seems to have defeated the tumor. The patient is feeling alright again so Caroline and Stefan rush back to Mystic Falls. In the school, Kai tricks Damon to stab Elena and goes after Joe. Alaric and Jeremy come in to save Joe just in time and they decide to keep Kai under sedative. Once back home, Caroline reveals to her mother that only vampire blood can heal her and puts some in her tea. The episode ends with the the patient slowly dying in a brutal way, just while Liz is drinking Caroline's blood, with whom she now believes can be saved.

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The Vampire Diaries Season 6

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The Vampire Diaries
6:1 I'll Remember Oct 2, 2014
6:2 Yellow Ledbetter Oct 9, 2014
6:3 Welcome to Paradise Oct 16, 2014
6:4 Black Hole Sun Oct 23, 2014
6:5 The World Has Turned and Left Me Here Oct 30, 2014
6:6 The More You Ignore Me, the Closer I Get Nov 6, 2014
6:7 Do You Remember the First Time? Nov 13, 2014
6:8 Fade Into You Nov 20, 2014
6:9 I Alone Dec 4, 2014
6:10 Christmas Through Your Eyes Dec 11, 2014
6:11 Woke Up With a Monster Jan 22, 2015
6:12 Prayer for the Dying Jan 29, 2015
6:13 The Day I Tried to LIve Feb 5, 2015
6:14 Stay Feb 12, 2015
6:15 Let Her Go Feb 19, 2015
6:16 The Downward Spiral Mar 12, 2015
6:17 A Bird in a Gilded Cage Mar 19, 2015
6:18 I Could Never Love Like That Apr 16, 2015
6:20 I'd Leave My Happy Home for You Apr 30, 2015

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