Four months later, Elena is having a horrible time coping with Damon's death as she returns to Whitmore College for her sophomore year. She is taking drugs that Luke has given her in order to see Damon, but she soon develops side effects that make her violent. Caroline has dropped out of college to spend her valuable time finding a way to reverse the spell that the Travellers had put on the Mystic Falls border. Tyler adjusts to being human as he begins attending Whitmore while his feelings for Liv grow. Matt gets really worried after Jeremy continues to cope with Bonnie's death by having sex with random girls and drinking. Alaric, after returning, spends time adjusting his life as a vampire. Stefan, who has started working in a garage, after giving up, is not bothered with Damon and Bonnie's loss but decides going on with a normal life. Elena asks Alaric how he copes with being a vampire and asks him to compel her into forgetting about Damon.

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The Vampire Diaries Season 6

# Title Air Date
The Vampire Diaries
6:1 I'll Remember Oct 2, 2014
6:2 Yellow Ledbetter Oct 9, 2014
6:3 Welcome to Paradise Oct 16, 2014
6:4 Black Hole Sun Oct 23, 2014
6:5 The World Has Turned and Left Me Here Oct 30, 2014
6:6 The More You Ignore Me, the Closer I Get Nov 6, 2014
6:7 Do You Remember the First Time? Nov 13, 2014
6:8 Fade Into You Nov 20, 2014
6:9 I Alone Dec 4, 2014
6:10 Christmas Through Your Eyes Dec 11, 2014
6:11 Woke Up With a Monster Jan 22, 2015
6:12 Prayer for the Dying Jan 29, 2015
6:13 The Day I Tried to LIve Feb 5, 2015
6:14 Stay Feb 12, 2015
6:15 Let Her Go Feb 19, 2015
6:16 The Downward Spiral Mar 12, 2015
6:17 A Bird in a Gilded Cage Mar 19, 2015
6:18 I Could Never Love Like That Apr 16, 2015
6:20 I'd Leave My Happy Home for You Apr 30, 2015

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