ACN continues its charge towards younger ratings by sending Don out to get a story on campus rape and the internet reporting of rape, and having Sloan interview Neal's temporary replacement about ACN's new celebrity sighting/stalking app. Will, still serving his contempt detention for refusing to reveal his source, has a troubling conversation with a new cell mate (Kevin Rankin), who is later revealed, through a picture of young Will and his father, to be Will's vision of his dead father. Jim and Maggie attempt a fruitless search for Edward Snowden at a Russian airport, eventually end up on a false-alarm 13-hour plane flight. Over the course of the flight, they finally confront each other over their obvious mutual attraction, with Jim demanding to know why Maggie hasn't recognised that he likes her for so long, and Maggie in turn retorting that she broke up with Don long before he started dating Hallie, and he therefore had no reason not to pursue her then. To escape the resulting awkwardness, Jim changes seats with another passenger, but Maggie, after thinking things through, eventually gets him to return to his original seat beside her so that she can kiss him. Sloan discredits Neal's temporary replacement on the air, and Pruit, the new owner, fires Sloan and Mac. Charlie informs Pruit that only he has the power to fire anyone in the newsroom, and, on the way to talk about the situation privately with Pruit, has a heart attack. When newsroom staff run to his aid, the title song "Oh Shenandoah", which could earlier be heard during Don's campus interview, is heard again. As Will is released from prison, he is told by Mac that Charlie has died. Takes place between May 3 and June 24, 2013.

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