Set around Charlie's funeral service and wake, a series of flashbacks show how his vision created the new format for News Night, how he hired Mac, how Mac told the young student at Will's first episode question and answer scene how to be the first at the microphone to ask a question, how Charlie led Will into becoming a better journalist, and other pre-series situations including Don and Sloan's first meeting. Neal returns from Venezuela and is disappointed at how the new team is running ACN Digital and tells them they are going to rebuild it. Leona talks Pruit into rectifying his emerging negative image with women by hiring Mac as the network president, replacing Charlie. Mac and Will find out that she is pregnant, and Will quits smoking as a result. Mac makes Jim the show's executive producer after offering the job to Don, who chooses to stay with and improve the 10 o'clock news show. After Jim arranges for Maggie to be offered a field producer's job in D.C., she misinterprets this as a comment that their relationship, causing further tension between them. Sloan, fed up with watching them misinterpret each other's actions, intervenes, and they eventually conclude that they have allowed their relationship to progress too rapidly since they kissed on the plane three days earlier. Although Jim offers her the senior producer position after he fills Mac's old job, she decides to take the field producer position after all, and they make plans to continue their relationship long-distance; Maggie questions why this will succeed if Jim's previous long-distance relationships failed, and is caught off guard with his response: "I wasn't in love with them." The newsroom staff prepare and broadcast their next News Night. Takes place on June 27, 2013. Flashbacks take place three years earlier in 2010.

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